How to find an au pair for your family in Sweden

This article about how to find an au pair is part of Diretto’s guide to how it works to hire an au pair and become a host family in Sweden. Paying a salary to an au pair entails some administration that Diretto can help you with. Posts in the guide are:

Different ways to find an au pair to hire in Sweden

Finding an au pair yourself doesn’t have to be complicated

If you feel that au pair is a concept that would suit your family, the next step towards finding an au pair that would be suitable for your family in Sweden is to hire. There are different ways to proceed depending on how much you can imagine paying and how much work you want to do yourself:

  • Subscription services – for a fee you can search for an au pair in their database
  • Facebook groups – free to find on your own
  • Agencies that handle most things for you
  • Recommendations from friends and acquaintances

Subscription services where you can search for an au pair yourself

On the Au pair world platform, you can search for an au pair on your own. You need to have premium membership to be able to contact potential au pairs. The cost is 39.90 Euro a month. Remember not to use their contract template because it does not comply with the requirements found in Swedish legislation. Diretto has free templates adapted to Swedish rules.

A similar platform with the same price is There you can also search for other types of help in the home.

Facebook groups where you can look for an au pair

There are several Facebook groups where it is free to search for an au pair. Some are managed well and some unfortunately have a lot of spam:

Agencies that help find an au pair

Our customers who want full service including help with visa processing have often used Energy au pairs. It costs SEK 4,000 to help you get an au pair.

There is also Scandinavian au pair centers that charge SEK 6,000 for their services.

The agency helps with the narrowing and presents some candidates to you. If it doesn’t work and the au pair leaves within three months, they will help you find a new au pair.

Do you have tips on other ways to find an au pair?

Please let us know if you find other channels to find an au pair or if you have feedback about the ways we presented here! In this way, we can keep the information up to date. You can reach us at

Diretto, the digital payroll agency for you who hire help at home

If you hire an au pair as a private person, you can easily pay salary through our service. As a result, it will be white. It will be also be cheaper than going through an au pair agency because you can use your tax deduction. The price for the service is 2.5% of the gross salary but at least SEK 69 per payment. Get started by creating an account for free! We are happy to answer your questions at