How much does it cost to have an au pair in Sweden?

Om au pairen ska hämta barn med buss bör familjen stå för kostnaden

Having an au pair can be an affordable solution for childcare if you have a spare room at home. It is also an opportunity to get to know someone from another culture. You can read more about it in our guide. But, how much does it cost to have an au pair in Sweden? In addition to wages, food and room, many families are responsible for the cost of telephone and bus tickets for their au pair. We report the most common costs, both “mandatory” and “voluntary”.

au pair on the bus
Au pair with child on the bus

Salary and food for an au pair costs about SEK 6,830 a month

Mandatory costsPer monthPer year
Salary cost after rut deduction*4 83057 960
Food cost200024000
Total6 83081 960
*If you run out of rut deductions, the cost will be 10-32% higher depending on the au pair’s age

The minimum monthly salary for an au pair who needs a residence permit is SEK 4,830 per month (2022). It corresponds to 10% of “prisbasbelopp”. Employer contributions are added to the wage cost, but you can make box deductions for the employer contribution. An au pair lives with the family and then food and room are included in the salary. We have estimated the cost of food at SEK 2,000 per month, but it obviously depends on what one’s eating habits are.

Well, is this all the cost for an au pair in Sweden? No, some families choose to pay for expenses beyond this. Here is a list of various costs that may come into question, for example.

Common optional costs for au pairs

“Optinal” costPer monthPer year
Public transport 100012000
Phone subscription1501800
Travels and excursions4505400
Swedish course*5006000
*Au pairs who need a residence permit must have accident and health insurance and must study Swedish

In some cases, au pairs have the right to attend SFI, Swedish for Immigrants, which is free of charge. Also read: Can an au pair go to SFI? (Swedish)

Additional cost for having an au pair in Sweden

Au pair means “equal to” so the idea is that the au pair should be like a family member. Consequently there may be additional costs for holiday trips, birthday presents and the like. Some families also choose to sponsor travel costs to and/or from Sweden. Some families use an agency to recruit an au pair, it can cost around SEK 4,500, but it is also possible to find someone on your own, e.g. via groups on Facebook. If you have run out of rut deductions, keep in mind that the cost of the au pair’s employer’s fees will be added.

au pair cost
If the family visits an amusement park, it is reasonable to bear the cost of the au pair

Higher cost if the au pair does not come from the EU

An au pair who is not from the EU needs a residence permit. It costs SEK 1,500 (2021). In addition, health care insurance and accident insurance are required to obtain the residence permit. It is common for the host family to pay the insurance but not the residence permit. An au pair who comes from the EU and receives an employment contract of at least one year may be insured by Försäkringskassan on the same terms as Swedish citizens. So, how much does it cost to have an au pair in Sweden? Yes, now you know that it depends on a lot of different things. Altogether from SEK 6,830 a month and up.

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